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Our Academy

Our Mission is to provide pre school-age families from all backgrounds, access to a high-quality out-of-school experience that heightens their ability to compete as life-long learners in an ever changing world.


  • What does excellent out-of-school education look like? We’re glad you asked.

  • A Hands-On, Project-Based Curriculum

  • A Clean, Safe, and Engaging Environment

  • A Culture of Collaboration & Kindness

  • Instilling and Reinforcing Respect, Fun, and Leadership

  • Operating Hours That Make Sense

  • Locations Close To Your Home, Work, & School

  • Individual Attention Through An Average Student to Teacher Ratio of 10:1

  • Hot meals are provided for free to those who qualify

Children are born with an eagerness to learn. They are curious by nature, all they need is the right environment to achieve their full potential. Leaders & Legends Preschool & Performing Arts Academy strives to provide an out-of-school experience that stretches a student’s exploratory thinking while building confidence, peer to peer unity, and respect.

General Curriculum and Activities 

Leaders & Legends Preschool & Performing Arts Academy follows the Creative Curriculum framework.

In preschool, the focus is on developmentally appropriate learning and Kindergarten readiness. Your child’s day is filled with fun hands-on learning experiences, circle time (or whole group time), indoor and outdoor playtime, group meals, quiet activities, and rest time. Through individual projects or in small groups, children are guided to areas of interest. Many of their explorations will include reading, music and movement, writing, math, and science with their teacher, though activities are not limited to these areas. 

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Preschool Activities

  • Clothing Study: The children will learn about different types of clothes, including features, how to take proper care of them, and how cloth is made. Some activities include: ​

  1. Exploring how fabrics are dyed by making tie-dyed shirts.

  2. Learning to sew using paper and toothpicks.

  3. Making and using a cardboard loom.

  4. Designing and creating their own clothing.

  • Trees Study: The children will learn about the characteristics of trees; who lives in trees, who cares for them, what foods come from them, what items are made using trees, and how trees change. Some activities include: ​

  1. Using paper to make leaf rubbings. 

  2. Exploring trees while on a nature walk.

  3. Making applesauce.

  4. Fun with woodworking.

  5. Building houses with sticks. 

  • Building Study: The children will learn about the types of buildings in their neighborhood; who builds them and what tools they use, what buildings are made of, and what  happens inside of buildings.  Some activities include: 

  1. Tracing the shadows of buildings on the sidewalk.

  2. Making cardboard buildings. 

  3. Exploring the tools used to make buildings. 

  4. Transforming the dramatic play area into a shop or other type of building.

  • Recycling Study: The children will learn about different ways to reuse everyday items for  different purposes.  Some activities include: 

  1. Making their own instruments. 

  2. Creating Clothing from reused materials

  3. Exploring how recycling helps the world..

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